Benefits of Infant Massage

The Benefits of Infant Massage

The first sense to develop in the womb is the sense of touch, and all babies respond positively to being held, stroked and cuddled by their parents.

Research into infant massage has shown a multitude of benefits for both babies and parents:

  • Close-contact baby massage encourages strong bonds between parents and child.

  • Touch stimulates brain activity, leading to increased attentiveness and stimulating intelligence.

  • Touch stimulates the other senses, speeding myelination of the brain and nervous system, and promoting language development.

  • Infant massage increases oxygen and nutrient flow to cells, increasing your baby's ability to learn.

  • Infant massage enhances neurological development and muscle tone.

  • Baby massage increases the body's production of normal, beneficial hormones.

  • Baby massage reduces the production of cortisol - the body's stress hormone.

  • Infant massage eases colic and gas.

  • Infant massage reduces the pain associated with constipation and teething.

  • Infant massage calms and soothes your baby at times of inoculation or other medical procedures.

  • Baby massage increases feel-good hormones in parents!

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