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About Flash Cards

Why use flash cards with babies?

Babies and young children have the unique ability to learn things effortlessly.

As parents and educators, we have a responsibility to help our children harness their amazing learning capacity so that they can easily acquire skills that will enable them to excel in the future.

One effective way of teaching pre-verbal children is by showing them flash cards. Child brain development specialist Glenn Doman, founder of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, is one of those credited with developing this teaching method for the very young.

Flash cards are large cards bearing pictures, words or numbers. That can be physical cards, or virtual ones stored on the computer and shown as a slideshow presentation. Flash cards are ideal for infant stimulation and fascinating to many children, making learning a fun part of everyday play.

You should deliver lessons when your child is in a happy, relaxed frame of mind. Don't be surprised if she shows enthusiasm for the next session. Flash card presentations are good at capturing children's attention, and as the two of you go through the cards daily, your child's knowledge and understanding may increase rapidly.

How are flash cards used to teach babies?