What you can do
During Pregnancy

For Pregnant Mothers...

If you are pregnant or have a special interest in the prenatal period, be sure to check out BrillBaby's Prenatal Education section. Full details of how to teach your unborn baby can be found in the article Stimulating the Senses.

There are so many ways that you can interact with your baby during pregnancy!

In particular, you can provide auditory stimulation from 20 weeks (when your baby's hearing becomes fully developed), and tactile stimulation from around 28 weeks (when you will start being able to feel the baby through Mom's belly).

Auditory stimulation

  • Use BabyPlus if you can afford it.

  • Play relaxing music to your baby during pregnancy. Classical, jazz, chill-out and songs designed for meditation are all suitable. Avoid music with frenetic beats or dissonant chords.

  • Take some time out of every day to read, talk and sing to your baby during pregnancy.

Tactile stimulation

  • Massage the baby through Mom's belly.

  • Respond to your baby's kicks by pressing gently back.

Optimize your mood

  • Mom, be as calm and happy as possible. Your mood has a direct effect on the chemicals secreted into your bloodstream. Too much cortisol (the stress hormone) is bad for the baby's developing nervous system.

  • Plan some relaxing "couple time" - a gentle hike, trip to the beach, or meal at your favorite restaurant. If possible, go on a babymoon during the second trimester, when moms tend to have the most energy.

Optimize your diet

  • Mom, eat a healthy, balanced and varied diet.

  • Don't take over-the-counter or prescription drugs without your obstetrician's approval.

  • Don't drink alcohol, or keep it to one small measure of wine or beer on very special occasions.

  • Don't smoke or take recreational drugs. Take folic acid (starting from one month before conception) and DHA supplements.

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