Early education: Useful Links

Prenatal Education

What's It Like In The Womb? - WebMD

Learning In The Womb - International Parenting Association

Music And Your Unborn Child - BabyCenter

Early Parenting Is Prenatal Parenting - Life Before Birth

The Importance Of Prenatal Sound And Music - Life Before Birth

Prenatal Attachment And Stimulation - Mesa Community College

BabyPlus System - Brent Logan

Firstart System

Early Learning

Reading Your Baby's Mind - Newsweek

Child's Play - PBS

All Children Are Born Geniuses - aarogya.com

ABCs Of Gifted - National Association For Gifted Babies

Baby Shapes - The Social Baby

Child Genius Magazine - International Parenting Association

The Institutes For The Achievement Of Human Potential - Glenn Doman

The Shichida Method - Makoto Shichida

TweedleWink - Right Brain Kids

Waking The Right Brain: A New Approach To Preschool Education - Taiwan Panorama

Genius Babies

The Smart Baby

Governmental: U.S.A.

Early Childhood Learning And Knowledge Center - Department of Health & Human Services

"How Are The Children?": Early Childhood Development And Learning - Department of Education

Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins: Mathematics - Department of Education

Summit On Early Childhood Cognitive Development - White House

Activities To Help Your Child Learn About Language - Department of Education

Other Resources

Child Growth Standards - World Health Organization

Clinical Growth Charts - National Center For Health Statistics

SidHere.com - Right Brain Therapy

A Mom's Balancing Act - Information for parents on the topics of teaching baby, development, products, parenting, and money saving tips.

Getting Ready for Baby - A beautiful keepsake journal that helps you have a healthier pregnancy and organize your life & home for a new baby!

Baby Tips - Parenting Tips for Babies and Toddlers

Mozi Esmé - The day-to-day adventures of a 2-year-old American baby girl growing up

BabySpot - Sharing those Precious Moments one baby at a time!