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"Again, again!" There's a reason children drive us crazy with their requests to do or hear the same thing over and over: children learn best through repetition.


Here's what the experts have to say…



"You should repeat a stimulus until habituation occurs;

then stop."

Susan Ludington-Hoe

Professor of pediatric nursing author of How To Have A Smarter Baby



"A child masters an activity by repeating it; at the same time,

she is programming and strengthening the neural pathways

in her brain. Allow - and even encourage - your child to repeat activities if they involve new skills she is developing."

Winifred Conkling

Author of Smart-Wiring Your Baby's Brain



"Going over the story [in a book] more than once enables a child to learn new vocabulary items well enough to use them

in answer to questions."

Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn

Psychologists, child development experts and authors of Baby Minds and Baby Signs



On to the last important ingredient - stimulation...