The top 8 myths of Early Reading

Myth 1: Babies can't read!

Not many people know that babies are capable of learning to read whole words by or around the age of one. That's why we have a Baby Reading Videos page on BrillBaby. You can also do a search on YouTube to see videos of babies under the age of two reading.

Of course, you may have seen the videos and be wondering how it has suddenly become possible to teach babies to read. You may be wondering what people had to subject these babies to in order to get them to read. In fact, it has always been possible to teach babies to read; it's just that the view of the establishment is that we should wait until age five or six to begin teaching reading.

To teach a baby to read, the only thing necessary is to regularly show him or her single words in a large font (preferably accompanied by illustrations of the words' meanings). For more on how to teach babies to read, go to the reading section of BrillBaby.

On to myth number 2...