Is teaching babies unnatural?

Babies love to learn - but could your baby be too young for lessons?


Learn more about the great debate on whether you should or shouldn't teach your baby at our Early Learning: For + Against section!


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Baby Teaching Basics

If intelligence is the ability to learn, then babies are born geniuses! While a baby's brain has the potential to learn just about anything, parents have an important role to play in determining just how much - and how easily - their baby learns. Here, we discuss the key issues to bear in mind when teaching your baby... Read more


Most people have a dominant hand, a dominant foot and a dominant eye. And so it goes for the brain, and for most of us, the left hemisphere is dominant. Right-brained people think in a non-linear, intuitive fashion, and learn best through seeing and feeling... Read more


The issue of when to teach children to read is a hotly debated one. Increasing numbers of parents are teaching reading early, and increasing numbers of children are learning to read as preschoolers. Yet, there is no shortage of parents, educators and developmentalists opposed to this phenomenon. Some believe that early reading harms children, while others think children are cognitively not ready to learn to read until they start school... Read more


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Watch babies who learned to read!


In this video we see 16-month-old Naimah reading over 40 words. Naimah has been learning to read with Little Reader since the age of 10 months.

To see more babies reading, visit the Baby Reading Videos pages.


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