Your baby's Physical Development

Importance of Physical Activities for your Baby

During baby's time inside her mother's womb, even as she is growing and developing, she is also already training herself how move about outside. All mothers have experienced the kicking and pushing during pregnancy - that, in fact, is the very beginning of your baby's physical training for the activities she will go through once she's born!

So why is your baby's physical education so important?

There are a great number of reasons why; foremost of them is the direct relation between your child's physical education and her neural growth.

Most people think of physical development as muscle development, sports, etc., and many have the impression that this has very little to do with brain development. On the contrary, the amount your baby moves after birth drastically affects the entire growth process of her body, including her brain's growth and development.

How, you may ask?

Your baby's brain grows by use. From birth to thirty months, it would grow at a tremendous speed. So either for a newborn baby or a 12-month old, moving about is one of the major operations in which your baby's brain would be growing from - meaning, the more your baby moves, the more her brain would expand. Early mobility has an incredible impact on brain development, which in turn would affect your baby's vision and language. Not only that, but if your baby does not move about much, she would more likely grow into a sedentary adult. So keeping your baby fit will not only ensure a smart future, but also a healthy one.

It is always the best to learn while having fun, so here's a list of fun activities for you and your baby:

If you think these activities are only good for your baby, you're mistaken. This would also be an excellent work out for moms and dads out there who don't have enough time for the gym! Playing with your baby can knock those extra calories out of both you AND your baby!

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