The top 8 myths of
Early Reading


On this website you'll find a host of information about early reading, and the scientific research that supports it. Children who learn to read as babies experience long-term gains in reading ability, overall academic achievement, as well as many other spheres of life. What's more, the ability to read is a gateway to all the knowledge there is in the world.

Misconceptions about early reading abound. Oftentimes, people just aren't familiar with the concept of babies reading. Parents and teachers may be uncomfortable with young children reading because it seems to threaten the natural order of things (which is actually the established order - a crucial difference). Other parents may feel that they did not do enough with their own child, and so resent the early progress you make with yours. Teachers may be reluctant to change their way of working, or to adapt to suit the needs of the minority - that is, children who can read by the time they start school.

If you are skeptical about early reading, then this is the page for you. This is also the page for you if you are teaching your baby or young child to read and have to deal with the skepticism or outright criticism of friends, relatives and teachers.

Now, let's take a look at the top eight myths of early reading...