Fun ways to teach your baby
How to Read

How can I make reading fun?

All parents want their children to learn their ABCs, but for children - and even adults - learning is just so much easier (and retention longer) when the process of how you learn is fun!

This is why we at BrillKids have come up with these creative suggestions on how to make learning the ABCs fun for both you and your child:

Use Flash Cards and Picture Books

Treat every letter in the alphabet as a keyword! Show your baby some flash cards or baby picture books and say, "Wow, look, this is a B. B is for baby." Repeat this method for all the letters, also giving your child an opportunity to review and participate through pointing to the book or card. (you can download free ones made by BrillKids here)

Write ABCs on the Sand

At the beach, trace some letters on the sand. Have your child do the same with her fingers, or if your child is older, you can give her a stick or twig with which to do it. This is a multisensory and kinesthetic approach to learning the alphabet.

Point Out to Letters on License Plates

During a road trip, ask your child to look out the window and identify letters on the license plates of cars you pass by. Ask her what letters she can recognize, and what sound each letter stands for.

Print-out Activity Sheets for Tracing

Print out activity sheets (you can download free ones made by BrillKids here) and have your child trace over the letters. This activity reinforces the neurological connection between tracing and writing and will help prepare your child develop her writing abilities.

Mold Letters out of Clay

Use some non-toxic clay and carefully mold the letters to form your child's name. Have your child trace over the letter with his or her fingers. Use each letter of her name to indicate an object the child can relate to.

Nothing makes learning easier as when it is fun, and in this context, you too can come up with creative ways to teach your child her ABCs!