What is
Right-Brain Learning?


Most people have a dominant hand, a dominant foot and a dominant eye. And so it goes for the brain, and for most of us, the left hemisphere is dominant.

The school system generally rewards left-brained individuals, who think in a logical, linear fashion, and learn best through hearing. Right-brained people think in a non-linear, intuitive fashion, and learn best through seeing and feeling. At school, right-brained children will often be marked down for not showing the working used to reach their answers. What their teachers fail to realize is these children don't have the usual working to show, having reached the correct destination by an unorthodox route.

According to right-brain educators such as Glenn Doman and Makoto Shichida, accessing the right brain not only enables a child to learn more efficiently, it can even unlock genius-level abilities. It is not that right-brain teaching will give you a genius baby, but rather that there is a genius already inside every baby - if only we can access the abilities of the right brain.

What kind of genius babies are we talking about? Children with talents like speed reading and photographic memory - and the seemingly limitless powers of recall associated with them. Kids with the ability to produce an accurate drawing of something only once glanced at, or tell instantly that the number of items being shown to them is 97 - and not 98 or 96. Prodigious musical talents and the ability of perfect pitch also rely on the use of the right brain.

Seeing like Einstein...